Addressing critical water issues through interdisciplinary research involving the science, engineering, and social dimensions of hydrology

Research Focus
Hydrologic extremes: floods and droughts
Hydrologic forecasting and risk assessment
Hydrologic modeling: implementation, development, diagnostics, calibration, sensitivity analysis, and uncertainty analysis 
Catchment hydrology
Land-atmosphere interactions
Statistical methods and machine learning 
Remote sensing in hydrology
Hydrology and the society
Water resources management 

Prospective Candidates
If you are interested in joining our research group, please send me your CV and a brief research statement. Please note that due to heavy volume of emails, a prompt response is not always possible. 

Media Coverage 

UNL College of Engineering: "Pop-up courses address 2019 Nebraska floods, provide real-time learning" [Link]


Physics Today: "The physics of river prediction" [Link

Recent Updates 

Make sure to attend our AGU session on Catchment Hydrology (H088 - Novel hypotheses to advance hydrological process understanding at the catchment scale). Dr. Sujay Kumar from NASA Goddard and Dr. Gianluca Botter from University of Padova are our invited speakers.


Our manuscript on the global evaluation of NMME precipitation and temperatire forecasts is now accepted in the Journal of Hydrometeorology. 

Citation: Roy, T., X. He, P. Lin, H. Beck, C. Castro, and E. F. Wood (2020), Global evaluation of seasonal precipitation and temperature forecasts from NMME, Journal of Hydrometeorology (accepted). 


Our manuscript on the implementation of the Multi-model Multi-product Streamflow Forecasting platform is now accepted in the Journal of Applied Water Engineering and Research.

Citation: Roy, T., J. Valdés, A. Serrat-Capdevila, M. Durcik, E. Demaria, R. Valdés-Pineda, and H. Gupta (2020), Detailed Overview of the Multimodel Multiproduct Streamflow Forecasting Platform, Journal of Applied Water Engineering and Research, doi:10.1080/23249676.2020.1799442.


Dei Rodriguez-Reverol joined the research group as an undergraduate researcher. Welcome Dei!


Smit Doshi joined the research group as a master's researcher with the Erasmus Mundus Scholarship to work on the area of probabilistic flood inundation mapping. Welcome Smit!


Srinidhi Jha has been selected for the prestigious Water Advanced Research and Innovation (WARI) Fellowship to join UNL. He will be working in our research group on risk assessment of compound extreme climatic events. He is currently pursuing a PhD in Civil Engineering at the Indian Institute of Technology Indore under the supervision of Prof. Manish Kumar Goyal. Congratulations Srinidhi!